The Association of Tourist and Heritage Rail Australia (ATHRA)

is the peak representative body in Australia for the Tourist and Heritage rail sector.  It is a national organisation with grass roots membership comprising the various Tourist and Heritage Rail organisations across the country.

Our Purpose

ATHRA’s primary purpose is to assist our members practically by providing real services to support the  sector across all states and organisation types.  Our philosophy is to develop something well once and share across the membership.  This may be via shared training and assessment packages, group insurance schemes, access to accreditation information, etc.

How do we deliver?

ATHRA organisation comprises a national Board of State elected directors and coopted specialist directors overseeing a number of  specific Working Groups.  Working Groups include:

  • State based Working Groups that meet locally for information gathering and sharing – all members in a state belong to their local state working group.
  • Subject/Task related Specialist Working Groups (that work largely through technology links) that are tasked with developing solutions to shared problems such as Training & Assessment, Insurance , SMS development and Accreditation

Specialist Working Groups bring together the best volunteer subject matter experts from across the country to work together for the common good – to develop and share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of all.  We are always looking for more assistance so if you believe you have something to offer please contact ATHRA via the contact page on this blog.

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