Delays to Victorian final move to ONRSR

The acting CEO of ONRSR has advised there will be a delay in the migration from TSV to ONRSR due to delays in the passing of the required Vic State legislation. The correspondence is included here FYI.

Subject: Message from the A/CE  |  Victoria transition

Good afternoon everyone,

As you are aware we have been working to transition Victoria (TSV staff and remaining operators) into ONRSR on 1 October 2019.  This was always subject to the legislation passing through Parliament.   Even though the Bill was tabled in the Victorian Parliament during August unfortunately it was not debated last week by the Legislative Assembly and therefore the agreed transition date of 1 October 2019 is unable to be met.

ONRSR, TSV and the Department are continuing to work closely together to ensure transition takes place as smoothly as possible.  When factoring in the sitting dates, Victorian Parliamentary processes and other considerations two revised transition dates have been identified.  We are now working towards transition taking place on either Monday 28 October 2019 or Monday 11 November 2019.  A date will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone that has been working towards the 1 October timeframe.

Peter Doggett

A/Chief Executive

Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator


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